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The Besal Lighting Education Fund has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to students from accredited schools throughout the United States.  Established in honor of the late Robert J. Besal, whose career of more than 30 years in the lighting industry exemplified the high standards of knowledge, professionalism and server - The Besal Fund aspires to encourage talented and committed students to pursuer a career in the lighting industry.

The Robert J. Besal Memorial Education Fund is a trust established to provide a continuing program to improve education in illumination engineering and to find and recognize top Lighting students and encourage their pursuit of lighting industry careers.  Administered and invested by the IESNA as part of its Lighting Research and Education activities, the Besal Fund is made possible by contributions from Acuity Brands Lighting, its sales representatives and employees.

The scholarship fund is merit based, and as such it is currently determined completely by academic excellence.  Students on campuses that have qualified Besal campuses can apply through their university's Besal Liaison.  For more information on qualified schools and applying visit - Scholarship Information.

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Our Current Mission: To recognize academically gifted students and encourage them to continue their pursuit of a career in the lighting industry.  Clearly it also endeavors to provide a continuing source of lighting engineers for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's Vision: To continue offering merit based scholarships to those throughout the United States that are studying the lighting sciences and related areas.  To continue its commitment to the lighting industry and to sustain and foster increasing interest in it.


  Are you a Besal Fund Alumni?  If so, please let us know where you are today.  Visit our Alumni Page to fill out the Alumni information form and see your fellow scholars and their current locations.


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